Sintesi Gamma Airtop



The most widespread and varied range of roof awnings signed Autohome has 32 models of Shell awnings made entirely of fiberglass with accurate manual techniques that guarantee a Product of absolute quality. Fibreglass is a particular woven fibre, impregnated with liquid or polyester resins, also known as glass-reinforced plastic or GPR English abbreviation "Glass renforced plastic" or GfK in German.
The range of Maggiolina Auto roof awnings includes the latest evolutions of historical models that, in the 1950s, conquered the market around the world. The Maggiolina folding car roof awnings and the unmistakable parallelepiped shape, spacious, comfortable, safe. The special structure makes folding curtains easy to assemble, with all the practicality and comfort that a roof awning must possess.
Different models, sizes, colours, volumes and internal and load capacities characterize the Maggiolina roof awning as well as the 2 types of opening, crank and gas springs. With the crank, practical solution adopted in most models, you get a uniform shell lifting while remaining still in the same position while for the one with gas springs – with the specific Air Top – You have a faster shell lifting but made in two times and changing position.